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: Baron Othello

Posted in: by Ariel on May 15, 2010

Dispatch from Agent Sanders

This is the man you’re to meet: Baron Maximus Julius Fraser Othello

He is powerful, respected and above all rich. Do not let his mild demeanor fool you into underestimating him.

Here is the layout of the house:

You need to deliver the wine to the service entrance, of course. The party itself will be held in the vast middle of the estate. The Baron is known for his Earth that Was artifacts. The house will be heavily guarded by hired and loyal men. It is easy to dispatch with men for hire, less for men who owe their station to their lord.

Once you have delivered the wine, you will mingle. The dress is free form, as you’d expect with a joining of social, political and military groups. Wear your best clothes but do not fret over opulence. You will see costumes and uniforms side by side.

The food will range from formal dining to intimate buffets in quiet corners. The Baron is known for his variety and his discretion.

We will have men in the kitchens, wait staff and among the guests. You do not need to worry. The Alliance wants Othello alive and so we will use caution in our methods.
Once you have spotted the Baron, you may blend into the background. We can rendezvous later for final payment.

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