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Upstairs at Chez Vhalantru

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 29, 2009

After the battle with the beholderkin, we searched the cellar. Sadi called from the far corner. “I think I found our guy.” She pointed at a skeleton with the large “V” shaped pendant around his neck. Acgar hurried over. “Yes, the clothes are about right for the time period. It’s hard, at this juncture, to say what killed him exactly. What we need–” Sadi grabbed the necklace and yanked. “This is what we need right now.”

“Let’s check the upstairs, OK?” I headed up the stairs.

room 1At the top of the stairs, we saw 5 doors. One on the left was slightly ajar. Acgar and I moved closer. “Tracks.” Acgar whispered to me.


Avoiding the Slammer and a Trip to The Tipped Tankard

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by relientKitten on April 1, 2009

Dear Diary,

(March 25)

Well, blah. It’s been a heckuva day. Seeing as these Divas helped me obtain my summer home and all, I’ve been following them around for apiece. It will also help my research into whether or not the phenomena of coinciding cycles (the idea that women who spend a lot of time together will, over time, begin to have their menstrual cycles during the same time frame) is actually a valid theory. It seems as if they gather with unlikely crowds, however.

On approaching Cauldron and standing in line to be allowed into the city (something about a tax), a large group gathered around me. Of course, I assumed that they had heard about my research on the mating habits of hobgoblins and wished to congratulate me on such a wonderfully articulated piece.


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