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Lobster Goddess

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on July 3, 2008

No amount of dampness could explain the chill in my heart when I looked at the statue of the lobster-headed goddess. She is evil of a magnitude with Nerull. I will not hesitate to destroy any Kua Toa frog men that I see. They are her followers and by the will of Pelor, they will perish.

Into the UnderDark

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on June 28, 2008

My people are a desert people. What do I know of the dark damp places of the world? Pelor”s hand has brought me here and he must have a purpose. Something, some act that will bring light to the darkness. When I saw the frog creature in the boat, I said a quiet prayer for guidance.
The half-orcs wanted to kill him. They distrusted and they were right. I have been too quick to ignore them. I will hear their council from now on.


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