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Friendship Tea

Posted in: Play by Ariel on September 26, 2009

“We don”t want to free Adimarchus either.” Myntilly lowered her hands.
I put my mace on the ground. “You are bleeding pretty badly from that leg wound. I can heal that for you. My name is Indira.”
“I am Rumonger. And yes, sun friend I would like to be healed.”

Drink of friendship

Drink of friendship

As my hand touched his leg, I felt an electric vibration hit me. The last time I”d had that sensation was healing Kaurophon. This was an evil creature.



temple1For our dire plan (Ok, my dire plan) to blow up the Temple of Wee Jas, the Divas decided that we needed a real temple and some real thermite.


Taj’s husband Jim is an amazing terrain/model builder and he helped get the project started. They used dental plastic for the material. Taj spent about 10 hours total on the painting and assembly.

And about 3 hours on actual gluing and touch-up painting. It looks amazing in the finished state. It was almost a shame to set it on fire.


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