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Old Enemies, part 2

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on October 14, 2009

Down the hallway, past Khyron’s body we could see a glow.
“They started early.” I heard Sadi murmur to herself. And then she said it again, louder. “We need to move. We’re a day behind them now.” She quickly gathered the group and we headed down the hall.

As we turned a corner, we saw it. The Tree of Shackled Souls.

Tree of Shackled Souls

Tree of Shackled Souls

The sight of the tree drove other thoughts from my mind. I’d heard about it for so long and the reality of it was so much worse than my imagination. I saw the dwarf Zenith in a cage on the tree.


At the Sign of the Lotus Dragon

Posted in: Play by Ariel on July 4, 2009

water taxiWe had an idea about where the Mayor had been, thanks to Various” locate person spell. We had to take the vaporetto to the next island. When we”d asked Rumbleguts about the area, he”d simply shaken his head and said, “Not an area I”d go. Not without about a dozen strong men.”

water taxi 2Brus seemed to enjoy the ride. He got to sit up in the cabin with the captain. Buzz went upstairs too. I was happy to stay safely in the middle of the boat.


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