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Down the Tunnel of Doom

Posted in: Play by Ariel on December 29, 2009

tunnel on the play matAs we started to fall I thought to myself, Are you nuts? What if you die?

I was pulled from that cheery thought by Terrem. He was giggling and struggling to leave my grip.
“This is fun.” I whispered in his ear as I held him tighter. The ring was working; we were moving fairly slowly. Slow enough that Myntilly was able to catch up with us by flying. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sadi and Ian walking down the walls of the tunnel. Boots of Spider Climb — I should get some of those, I thought.


Beholders, Theory and Practice

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Buzz on October 15, 2009

Beholder in action

Beholder in action

There’s this thing you gotta know about beholders. They have this middle eye, the big one, and it sends out an anti-magic ray, like all the time. Sure they blink, or in theory, they blink, but I don’t think I’ve seen it happen. Not that I’d ever seen a beholder in person before today. But man, do I hear about them. Like at least once a week someone’s gotta talk about how their friend was turned to stone by a beholder. Snore. I mean it’s an exciting story, once. After a couple dozen recitations, well, it loses something.


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