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Riots in Cauldron!

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on September 29, 2008

An Excerpt from the Explorers’ Society Pages
Volume XVII, Number 6
Letters From the Field

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear. It started as a simple demonstration. Citizens proclaiming their right to free assembly and right to free speech. What a field-day for the heat. A thousand people in the street. Young people speaking their minds. Singing songs and carrying signs. Mostly say, hooray for our side.


Under Cauldron

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 21, 2008

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

Part of a Dixie Matress Co. tag

I”m just thankful that I wasn”t wearing my dress robes. The rooms below Orak”s Bath House are filthy and wretched beyond imagining. The stench is eye-watering, paint-strippingly powerful. It”s thanks to that little scrap of paper that I find myself here. Hero of the city. I should be relaxing in a hot bath but I”m bashing little goblins in ankle-deep muck. If my father could see me now…


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