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Doubt Among the Divas

Posted in: Weekly Update by kaurophon on February 13, 2009

posted by Kaurophon

During the Test of Judgment, the Divas fought against the bebilith, and I could only watch from the doorway. I made several attempts to enter the chamber and fight by their sides, and every time, I was instantly teleported out of the roomAqua Run 52.


The First Test of Resolve

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on February 13, 2009

lantern2 The second part of the Test of the Smoking Eye is the test of Resolve. As we left the room with the bridges, the mummy popped up again. He said “Attend to the wisdom of Adimarchus! Always deal with rivals first, and enemies second. This lantern shall guide you to the second test: The Test of Resolve.”


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