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Catching up with Jenya & Buzz

Posted in: Play by Ariel on April 3, 2009

Quinlan gave me an earful about the Jasidin plan to expand their temple. Expand their temple and block our temple’s view of the rising sun. Before I headed to the Pelorian temple, I stopped by St Cuthbert’s to talk with Jenya.

She’s still undecided about Alek. I understand that. It would be hard to choose to resurrect someone you love. Perhaps the deceased is satisfied with the way his life ended and bringing him back is absolutely, positively the wrong thing to do.

When I got there, she put some water on for tea. The afternoon sun turned her hair a reddish-gold. I felt content for the first time in weeks.


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Through the Looking Glass

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on November 15, 2008

When Myntilly woke up this morning, she came over to me with a smile on her face.
“I had a dream last night. Pelor came to me and told me that he has a special task for me! I feel warm inside, like I am a favored soul.”
I gave her a hug and we looked through my spell books because now that she”s accepted Pelor into her life, some of these divine spells make sense to her. No more just an arcane spell caster, she is touched by the divine light of Pelor. I am honored to bear witness to it.


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