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The Disappointment of the Robe

Posted in: Play by Ariel on September 3, 2009

Myntilly tries on the robe

Myntilly tries on the robe

When we were settling down for the night Myntilly pulled the new robe from her pack.

It was truly lovely. A rich yellow silk with green stitching.


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Nerull, Foe of All Good

Posted in: Play by Ariel on June 6, 2009

As the battle of the bones ended, I walked up to the prone body of the cleric. Sadi had done a great job of putting arrows in him. I could tell he was bleeding out so I knelt and stabilized him. By the scar on his face, a patch of melted skin, I knew this was the man that Fario & Felian had pursued into the jungle. He wore the symbol of Nerull on his chest. I felt a moment of dizziness: for just a second he looked like my sister Persia.


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