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At Cauldron's Gate

Posted in: Play by Ariel on March 26, 2009

Everyone expects Indira to be cheerful, helpful and patient. So why do I feel like screaming? I can’t get this image out of my head: me pushing Zallie to the side and leaning down with my hand outstretched to Kaurophon. I truly wanted to help him. In that moment I still could not see his true aims. What does that say about me?

Ever since I all but touched the black stone, I have felt…. odd.


Enemies Surround Us

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on August 28, 2008

I never expected to be sitting in a hot tub with a halfling bard, but when Dyskko said he”d rented the biggest tub at Orak”s bathhouse, I gladly went.

What I heard there makes my head spin. Enemies surround us. And then there are the people who need our help, the mysteries to solve. I wish we had three times our number then maybe we could begin to truly save the souls of Cauldron.


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