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Fight to the Death, part 1

Posted in: Play by Ariel on January 2, 2010

In order to open doors in these caverns under Lord Vhalantru’s house, we need to be able to cast certain spells. They seem to have in common that they are beholder spells. Things like flesh to stone, disintegrate and sleep. Myntilly teleported, bought scrolls for those spells and came back. Handy spell, teleportation.

Myntilly is a powerful sorceress, no question. But we were a little worried about how it would go, reading a scroll of disintegrate. What if she stumbled in reading it? Would she blow herself up? Or worse, all of us? Sadi laid down and shielded Terrem with her body. Acgar kind of snorted with suppressed laughter. Ian, ever gallant Ian, walked over to Myntilly and said loudly, “Brus and I are here to assist you!”

In spite of our antics, she read the scroll beautifully and the door raised to reveal a room similar to the one we had just left. There were two doors in the room and one was slightly lifted. I walked in and Terrem followed me. He immediately went to the far door and kicked it with his foot. “Mister Orbius! Where are you?!”
“Hush now.” I held my fingers to my lips. “Don’t you want to surprise him? Won’t he be surprised when you show up? All grown up and traveling practically by yourself!”
Terrem considered this. “OK. Sure.” And sat down against the wall.

Sadi and Ian crept slowly to the open door. Each walked partially up the wall on either side. All I could hear were muffled voices. Dwarves aren’t known for their grace, so I kinda shimmied along the wall, trying to be quiet. As I got closer I heard a female voice say “You didn’t follow the plan and now they are dead. Thank god things progressed father on the other side.”

I saw Ian reach under his shirt. He flicked his hand and in the moment of silence, I heard a “phink.” He’d thrown a fireball bead, intending it to go into the room with the voices. Unfortunately there was a shield of some sort and the fireball bounced off and landed in the center of the room. Where it promptly exploded. It knocked me off my feet and I hit my head. As I sat up I saw across the room, Myntilly regaining her feet. I did a quick heal on myself and the battle was on.

As the door opened fully, we saw Kaurophon, Nabthatoron, Thearynn. The sight of any one of them would have been enough to make me seethe but all three together…. I felt my war blood rise. “Fight!” I thought. “Fight to the death!”

to be continued……………

Our Date With a Dragon

Posted in: Play by Ariel on November 29, 2009

D&D minis 1We were at a crossroads. Literally. We could head back to Lord Vhalantru’s house in hopes of discovering where the beholder went or we could head to the warehouse district and down to the dragon. Time was short and we had to pick one.

“Orbius, the beholder, is the bigger threat. We need to kill him.” Myntilly’s voice was firm.
I shook my head. “But we don’t know where he is. We know where the dragon is.”
“Yeah, who knows maybe we could trade with the dragon. Offer some treasure in return for the collar.” Sadi looked around to see how this was received. “The collar is the key. We get it and ‘Game Over.'”


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