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Rmongor Reports to Graz'zt

Posted in: Play by Dyskko on February 11, 2010

Oh Most Horrible Graz”zt, The Six-Fingered Grasp of Evil, Terror to Many, Ruler of the 507th Level of the Abyss, your humble servant Rmongor brings you tidings of his doings.

Upon your order,

I and my assistant Minyon traveled to the Plane of Mortals to halt the Cagewrights in their nefarious task to free your prized possession, Adimarchus, the Betrayer, the Two-Faced One.


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New D&D Miniature, thanks to Jack!

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on April 24, 2009

indira2My friend Jack is an amazing painter.

Here is a look at my new Indira mini, thanks to his handiwork. She is a righteous cleric of Pelor and I could not be happier.


Check out that shield!

Check out that shield!

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