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All Hail the Queen of Occipitus!

Posted in: Play by Ariel on March 23, 2009

Tonight I need solitude. After a long soak at the bathhouse, I gave Mickey Mac some extra silver for my own room. I need quiet. There is enough noise in my head; I don’t need people to add to it.

As I passed through the common room I heard Various telling the story to a group of strangers. Somewhere she’d found or been given a paper crown. It clung to the back of her head, ready to fall the next time she threw her head back to laugh.

Yes, let’s all hail the queen, the crazy queen. (more…)

[Meta] Rope Debate

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on February 8, 2009


So we were faced with a new dilemma last week, narrow rope bridges. How do we ensure that the whole party makes it across this series of bridges alive? With a bebolith hot for adventurer blood?


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