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lavaWondering what lava would look like in a D&D setting? Just ask Michelle our amazing DM. For a scene of volcanic activity on the streets of our beloved Cauldron, she made flubber (which you may remember from this little adventure), colored it orangey, covered it with dark colored sand and TaDa! You have slightly cooling lava.


Props to the Prop Mistress

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on March 1, 2009

This is my favorite picture of Michelle.

This is my favorite picture of Michelle.

Michelle, our DM,  is quite crafty and in her “spare” time she makes some sweet props and terrain for our Wednesday game.


The “acid” in the picture is Flubber. If you ask Michelle, she’s tell you all about the compounds that go into making it. I know it has glue & Borax. And that the Borax has long arms that wrap around the glue molecules…… er, or something like that.

Michelle and Angel both have the Lego gene. So sometimes we have Lego NPCs and Lego monsters like the sea monster that almost ate Debbie’s character on her birthday. In this picture, the red-head, she’s one bad mutha.

Sometimes it's the simple things that make a difference

Being crafty also means that Michelle just happens to have loose feathers laying around to use for the Cathedral of Feathers!

For real. Potions.The purple liquid pictured is pure chemistry. Again, don’t ask me what she used but the flavor text in the Shackled City book says that two clear streams fall into the pool and the liquid becomes purple. And Ta Da! She made it happen.

Better living through chemicals

When two of the NPCs got married, Michelle made wedding cake. We had sparkling cider, cake and mingled with wedding guests. The mingling was very clever: Michelle put the names of dozens of NPCs on index cards. On the backside she put information that the NPCs would tell adventurers like us.

Those are strawberry peeps around the edges.

I’m grateful for Michelle and the time she gives to the game. I’m also grateful to all the Divas. Great props and no players would not work very well, either.

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