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Asteroid Field Dead Ahead

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on April 13, 2010

Since it was Maggie’s fault we were in the asteroid belt, it’s only fittin’ that she got us outta there in one piece, or there abouts. D-VA only took a teeny bit of damage to a thrust capacitor and hell, I got plenty a capacitors layin’ around.

I swear we weren’t two hours back home aboard ship when Maggie gets this wave. Old friend from the old days askin’ if we want some action. Wilkerson’s his name and Miss V says she’ll meet him at his old mine and hear his proposal. Well, I like salvage as much as the next person. Maybe more. And so even though I don’t trust these boys, I’ll fly with ’em. And then, Bam! Asteroids.If we didn’t have bad luck, we’d have no luck at all, as Grandpappy used to say.

We had some close calls but me and Captain Prudence helped out some with the lookout and that got us through the field pretty well. I swear I had my head down on that screen for hours. Doc tells me it was twenty minutes getting through the field and I reminded her of what old Al Einstein used to say about relativity!

As I said, she came through pretty good, the old girl. Our D-VA is a fine machine, no matter what anyone says.


Tortured Secrets

Posted in: Play by Dyskko on March 13, 2010

There was

heavy jolt, then Imago??™s voice in my ear, ???Wake up Ms. Brigid, we??™ve landed.??? The light coming in the opening doors was bright in my eyes. As my vision adjusted, I realized it was coming from some dim lights hanging from the ceiling. The facility had definitely seen better days. Chipped and flaking paint, a sooty layer on everything, taped up chains, and some cans hanging to catch oil drips from pipes. We were herded along a corridor until we got to a large room with a drain in the center bounce house canada.


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