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temple1For our dire plan (Ok, my dire plan) to blow up the Temple of Wee Jas, the Divas decided that we needed a real temple and some real thermite.


Taj’s husband Jim is an amazing terrain/model builder and he helped get the project started. They used dental plastic for the material. Taj spent about 10 hours total on the painting and assembly.

And about 3 hours on actual gluing and touch-up painting. It looks amazing in the finished state. It was almost a shame to set it on fire.


New D&D Miniature, thanks to Jack!

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on April 24, 2009

indira2My friend Jack is an amazing painter.

Here is a look at my new Indira mini, thanks to his handiwork. She is a righteous cleric of Pelor and I could not be happier.


Check out that shield!

Check out that shield!

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