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The Death of Indira

Posted in: Play by Buzz on October 16, 2009

D&D minisAs Indira stepped into the room, she was slammed by Triple Tail. Somehow he was levitating back and forth across the room. Or that damned beholder was doing it. Either way, not expected. He got a nice chomp on her shoulder as she moved past him. I’ve seen that look before — she wanted the beholder and nothing, not even some big ass lobstersaurus was gonna get in the way.


The Divas Take on Darkmantles

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on September 22, 2009

Into the cars

Into the cars

Everyone agreed that Ian had a great idea. We piled into the cars. By chance Ian and I ended up together. “There’s no room for Brus.”
“Sure there is. He’s not that big, Indira.”
“Look, Durilin and Myntilly barely fit just the two of them. He won’t fit. He can walk along side.” Brus’ nose sniffed along the edges of the car and he thumped down and stretched his forelegs. “See? He agrees. No room.” I tried to find a clean spot to sit down. The cars had obviously been used to haul rock and ore and they were uniformly filthy.


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