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In Which We Impersonate Nuns

Posted in: Fluff,Play by Ariel on July 27, 2009

Sitting around the table at Rumbleguts, surrounded by the crumbs of breakfast (the service does leave something to be desired) Ian said, “It’s about time we were heading back. I mean, (he looked around the table) I think we could head back. We did what we came to do.”
Before I could open my mouth, Acgar spoke. “We did find the mayor and we now know that Vhalantru is not Vhalantru, but there is still, as I’m sure Indira was about to say, the matter of Embril.”
“Yes. Yes, thank you, Acgar.” I gave her a long look. Why was she being supportive of me? Have things finally begun to swing back toward trust? “Embril is behind so much of this, this plot to destroy Cauldron. If she’s here, I aim to talk with her. Talk (I held up a finger) and bring her to justice. This is not about killing.”


Spell: Atonement

Posted in: Fluff,Life,Meta-gaming by Ariel on July 7, 2009

Everyone keeps saying that Indira’s the moral compass of the group. So I feel kinda bad about cajoling everyone into destroying the Jasidian temple. I mean, I’m glad we did it, but I feel kinda bad about it.


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