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The Spa of My Enemy

Posted in: Play by Ariel on January 21, 2010

We stood outside the fire warden’s door for a minute, weapons raised. And nothing happened. “Well, that turned out OK.”
“You mean the way we didn’t die? Yes, that was quite clever.” Acgar patted my shoulder. “How much did you give her?” Sadi was rummaging through one of the bags of holding.
“Um, it was…. I dunno. Whatever I had left after the Myntilly thing.” I gestured vaguely, not wanting to bring up the resurrection.
“Ladies? Shall we move on?” Iam and Brus stood at the next doorway. Myntilly looked at the sigil on the door and read out a charm person spell. The door opened to reveal a bathtub. A spa really.

The bathtub was huge and looked deep. At the far side, you could see soap, a loofa, a rubber ducky and some shampoo. Across the tub and to the right, I could see a doorway.


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