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In the Cathedral of Feathers

Posted in: Play by Ariel on February 3, 2009

We moved deeper into the Cathedral of Feathers. At seemingly random times, feathers would float down from the ceiling, the broken stained glass windows would suddenly be whole again and I would feel my spirit lift.
Each time it happened I wanted to kneel down and give a prayer of thanks to Pelor for allowing me to witness this miracle. Unfortunately this was not a practical plan because sometimes the feathers fell during battle.


New Spells

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on February 3, 2009

I’m not sure when it started but it’s been a running joke for our group — making up new spells. One particularly bloody battle prompted the idea of a “spa” spell that would be akin to “heroes feast.” Spa treatment for up to six players with increased HP regen, etc. When my cleric reaches sixth tier spells, I’m going to plan it out.


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