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Gau Kleeoch Reports to Thirteen

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Dyskko on July 11, 2009

To: The Thirteen

From: Gau Kleeoch, Master Trainer and Security Chief

Re: Divas” Exploits

At our next summit, we must discuss the troublesome Divas. It is time they were eliminated.

Kaurophon succeeded in luring them to Occipitus, but <

a href=”http://dungeon-divas.com/?p=432″>failed in his major tasks. The Divas did not falter on the evil plane, passed the tests, and became heirs to Adimarchus” realm. This is most unsatisfactory. Under orders from Orbius, Ike hired the best assassins in Cauldron. These assassins studied the Divas and their strategies and lay in wait for the perfect opportunity. Miraculously, the Divas survived this attempt as well.


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