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The Black-Winged Angel

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on March 2, 2009

“You face the Test of Sacrifice next. I know what you have faced to get here and it means nothing.” When the black-winged angel spoke those words, I felt my faith almost break. The deaths, the pain, the fear. That was all a waste? Why would Pelor do this to us?


Fire Giant Returns for Round Two

Posted in: Weekly Update by Ariel on November 1, 2008

The voice that floated out of the mist was an answer to an unspoken prayer. There we were — freshly ambushed by the Fire Giant. I”d just given every ounce of my energy towards healing Myntilly. She”d been grievously wounded in the Giant”s new attack. I felt like a frightened little girl, casting obscuring mist the moment I realized that the Giant was walking through the door.


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