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Posted in: Play by Ariel on November 13, 2009

D&D mini image 1Someone was kind enough to lay out a cleric’s robe in a dwarf size. I’m now about a foot shorter than I used to be. This body is strong but squat. I feel wider than I used to be and after looking in the mirror, I don’t think it’s psychosomatic.

As I stared at my reflection, I tried to see me in those dark eyes. The face shook its head while the hands caressed the beard. “I have a lot to learn about this body.” And peeing standing up is probably the least of my troubles.



[meta] Hands

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on September 7, 2009

diva handWe have off this week. House party at Michelle”s instead of gaming tomorrow night! So here”s a little meta post….

Many of the pictures I take for the blog end up with hands in them. Usually Michelle”s hands, which makes sense — DM controls the map and so her hands would be all over the place. Some of the pictures are too fun not to see the light of day. Here, for you enjoyment are some of my favorites….


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