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Leniency? or Deviousness? You Decide.

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Dyskko on October 18, 2009

There are some DM”s who pride themselves on how many characters they”ve killed, or how many total party kills they”ve had. To me there is no sense of pride in having killed one or more characters. And I don”t see it as a goal that I am working to

succeed at killing everyone.scawytwex

This is not to say I won”t kill a character.


The Death of Indira

Posted in: Play by Buzz on October 16, 2009

D&D minisAs Indira stepped into the room, she was slammed by Triple Tail. Somehow he was levitating back and forth across the room. Or that damned beholder was doing it. Either way, not expected. He got a nice chomp on her shoulder as she moved past him. I’ve seen that look before — she wanted the beholder and nothing, not even some big ass lobstersaurus was gonna get in the way.


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