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Unexpected Friends

Posted in: Play by Ariel on March 13, 2009

battle11As we rounded a corner, still arguing with Kaurophon about the tiger, Cinder held up her hand. “Hush! I hear something.”

She crept up to the next turn in the tunnel. She paused and waved us forward. “Little guy, big bear. Fighting two golems.” She touched the brooch at her throat. “Do you remember Tarkelar? I got this brooch — ”

She was interrupted by a strange voice. “Are you quite sure they are golems? Let me through. I would look at them.” A strange elf pushed past me and stood beside Cinder. After a moment she turned around. “Oh. Indeed. Golems. I’ll just wait back here, shall I?”


Night in the Cathedral of Feathers

Posted in: Weekly Update by kaurophon on February 12, 2009

posted by Kaurophon

Pain. Searing pain, centered in my chest. Looking down, I see a six-fingered hand erupt through my chest holding a bright sphere of white light.



Gasping, I awake and look around the safe hemisphere Myntilly cast before we went to sleep. Indira, Myntilly, Sadi, all asleep. Alek on watch outside, Acgar heading to bed after her watch, Cinder wrapping her listening coin in layers of cloth and burying it in her pack. Rolling over, I try again to sleep inflatable tents.


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