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Various: The Visual

Posted in: Fluff by relientKitten on March 13, 2009

Elenriel Annanole. That is what she is called by those who would give her a true name. It tends to be a mouthful, however, so for those who cannot handle the grace of the elfen tongue, she simply refers to herself as “Various”.

What is she? Well, an elf at first glance. Most likely a grey elf, however she is certainly atypical. Her silver hair is cut very short (a pixie style, according to the half-ogre who cut it for her). “The better to pursue my studies… long hair has a terrible habit of getting in the way of my text and crossing ls to make them look like ts and the like.” Behind a set of clear goggles, her blue eyes are striking and a flash of purple can be seen within them. Very peculiar, as no grey elf is known to have blue eyes. “Ah, yes, well… they are not my eyes, you see.


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