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[Meta] Want Legos! Want Legos Now!

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on July 24, 2010

Legos. I had no idea how much fun I would have with them. I never played with Legos as a kid. We had Lincoln Logs. And an erector set, but I thought that was boring. I had friends with Legos and I played some at their houses but usually we played race cars or cops and robbers instead.

It wasn”t until we started playing Serenity that the Legos really got their place in our gaming. Before then Michelle would often use Legos to make props our to denote NPCs, but of course the scale was all wrong for our D&D miniatures. That made the pictures look funny sometimes as Indira or Sadi would be going up against a giant who wasn”t supposed to be a giant. And a yellow giant at that! Visit the World”s Biggest LEGO Shop!

LEGO Castle Trolls” Mountain Fortress (7097)


Includes the Good King himself,  3 knights, 2 giant trolls, the Troll King himself, a troll sorceress, 2 troll warriors and a horse. Oh and an AWESOME castle.

LEGO Castle King”s Battle Chariot (7078)


This battle chariot comes equipped with cross bow, spears and banners flying high, or it will, after you put it together. Sigh. I miss D&D.

LEGO Brickmaster: Castle (Lego Castle)


Comes with a hardcover book. Full color photos and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to build the castle. Even I can make a great castle with these instructions.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (8083)


Perfect to adapt these pieces to our Serenity campaign. The ice cutter has 2 flick fire missiles, a rotating gun and a cargo box. Perfect for smugglers like us. Er, business people looking for exciting and unusual opportunities… That”s us.

LEGO Star Wars Echo Base (7749)


If you can find this set, it is so cool! Includes 5 figures — 2 snow troopers, 2 Rebel troopers and Han Solo in winter gear. I wish I could find a way to introduce Tauntaun to the Serenity universe…..

LEGO Indiana Jones Temple Escape


Indiana Jones Legos convert to Serenity pretty well. That dusty, dirty barroom brawl vibe translates very well. You can play around with the plane design and get a passable space ship.

LEGO Indiana Jones Jungle Cutter Set


There are some fun jungle pieces in this set. The cutter is fun and like the plane in the previous item, the cutter can become something more Serenity-like with a few changes. I love the ivy and greenery.

These are a few of the Legos I am saving up for, have bought or borrowed since we started playing D&D and Serenity. The possibilities are endless and I love just messing around with the standard designs. I hope you might find a Lego set to get your imagination fired up, too!

Once More Into The Fray

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on July 10, 2010

When I shook off the memories of battle, I realized that there was talking going on. One of the new fellers had a top hat on and was acting like a big shot. He had these triplets fanned out behind him. They looked like they knew the business end of brass knuckles that’s for sure.

My folk had moved off to the right, keeping low and out of the way. I saw a man step out from a shed on the right, with his hands in the air. “I’m Hawks” he said. “Who wants to know?”
I just couldn’t help it. I saw red all over again and grabbed a ‘stick and punched a button. One of the mules began to move. I suppressed a giggle. I aimed it right at Hawks.

When he saw it coming, he let out a yell. The man behind him looked around wildly. “Teach you to leave me! Huh, Hawks? Not so tough now, are you Sarge?” I stopped the mule about a foot from him. All eyes swung towards me.
The man in the top hat squinted. “Who the hell are you?” His voice was bewildered.

“Swei, for goodness sake! Stop playing and come here!” Miss V’s voice cut through the tension. I hopped down from the control pad and walked slowly to where Miss V and the Doc were standing. She put her hands on her hips and said loudly, “Now. Who is going to explain this?” She looked at Hawks and at the man with the top hat. “Hmm? I’m waiting.”

The two men looked at each other. The man in the top hat smiled real big. “Well, Missy, I am the mayor of Regina and this here man is wanted fer, fer questioning.”
“Now you want a gorram minute. This is my mine and I want to know who the hell all y’all are.” Hawks swept his arm around and I realized he had a black glove on his left hand.
“Aw, did you hurt your paw when you left me on Hera?”
One of the men with the mayor moved towards me. “You need to step off, alright?”
“Where were you when I was fighting for your freedoms? Huh, you sonuvabitch!”

Hawks’ head snapped around. “What’s yer name, soldier?”
“Why don’t we talk and work, OK?” Brigid walked over the the mayor. She held out her hand. “Brigid Von Schindler at your service.”
Josiah Fox, mayor-elect, at yours little lady.”  Miss V took his arm and pulled him away a little bit. “It seems that our interests intersect. Would you agree? We’re here to get ice for Regina and you, being the mayor-elect, would wish us success in this, yes?”

In a few minutes we were working like bees in a hive. Prudence was operating one of the rigs and Roark was driving the tag-along like he was born to it.

I was, as they say, In my element. Anytime a machine threatened to conk out, I was there fixin’ her up.

I was bent over one of the compressors, checking for leaks when I heard a voice behind me. “I remember you. You were the mechanic. You hung around the fat guy. What was his name?”
I put my hammer down. “His name was Rich and he died waiting for the Amnesty release paperwork to come through. Ever been in prison, Hawks? It can get a might damp and a feller can get croupy in there.”

He was silent a moment. “We were gonna come back. We were. It’s just…..” His voice trailed off.
“Forget it,” I said. “Pfft. Just forget it. Old news and no one cares any more. Lest of all me.” And I walked away.
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