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[meta] Anyone Want Cake?

Posted in: Fluff,Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on August 24, 2009

cakeHave you ever had cake shaped like Lego blocks?

If not, I’m here to tell you that it tastes better that way.

Tad’s birthday was the other day.

And if we can have an excuse for a celebration — a reason to eat cake, we’ll take it.



[meta] Dire Birthdays

Posted in: Fluff,Girl Gamer,Life,Meta-gaming by Ariel on April 9, 2009

We always seem to have dire birthdays here at Diva central. Whenever it’s one of our birthdays, the combat is intense and someone almost dies. cupcake-jones

This past Wednesday it was Ashley’s birthday. I should have known that and I’m glad I brought rice krispie treats with me, but Ashley outdid me with Cupcake Jones.

Pictured are German Chocolate and “Pearl” vanilla mini cupcakes. Oh, my god, they are good!


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