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At the Baron’s Gala

Posted in: Play by Ariel on May 25, 2010

That Frida, she had some good grub at the Noble Grape, but boy was she a mean one! Can’t say that she hires for niceness neither. There was this one old gal who kept yelling in my ear. I ain’t that deaf!

But Frida, not much gets past her ear — even when she ain’t in the room — which is a 9 days wonder to me and so she had our number pretty quick.

When that agent feller showed up at Miss V’s room the night we found the diamonds, I thought we were treed like a raccoon.

Prudence turned the tables really pretty and looked that man right in the eye and lied. She lied like a, like a, well like a gorram liar! And he swallowed it down and asked for more!


Brigid On the Road to Perdition

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Dyskko on February 28, 2010


ixty-two hours in a close, sweaty cargo ship gives you lots of time to think. Time to follow all the pathways that got you on the trek you’re currently on. Enumerate the right choices that led to good things, the wrong choices that led to bad things, and, well, the right choices that led to bad things. Let’s hope this turns out to be a right choice that leads to bad things that make us stronger.


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