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From Ice to Ice

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on June 18, 2010

After just a few days of loungin at the lake house on Osiris, I was all twitchy. I don’t hold with this relaxin life style. It’s just not right. I weren’t gonna say anything to no one about it. I didn’t want to be the possum in the soup, if you know what I mean.

But one day, I think it was day 4 of our 2 weeks of R&R, I woke to the sound of gun fire. Hot damn! I thought. We got us a situation! But it was just Roark taking potshots at the crows. I went out to cheer him on. Those damned crows were cawwing to beat the band. It was like a, like a gorram crow convention! When we came in about 20 minutes later there was talk of a comet.


First Annual Diva Scavenger Hunt

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Play by Ariel on June 1, 2010

My stint as GM ended early. I really thought I had at least one more session but you know how it is — sometimes the players choose the right path every time. I was stunned to have them finish the Gala quest line so soon. That meant that Angel needed a chance to read over her adventure and prep for it. That gave us a week off. Taj suggested a Diva themed scavenger hunt and we all enthusiastically agreed.

We had to wear our Diva tees. Olivia, as Diva in training, ended up making her own, but it turned out fabulously. Plaid duct tape, who knew? (more…)

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