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Cauldron Herald, June 19 Issue

Posted in: by Dyskko on April 12, 2009

The volcano is dormant, but the news never sleeps…

Is Dyskko Dead?
Popular Storyteller Last Seen Battling Assassins

Dyskko fights assassin

Dyskko fights assassin

Halfling bard, heroic storyteller, and local adventurer, Dyskko performed last night at the Brass Trumpet. This picture, taken by a fleeing fan, shows Dyskko in melee with a sorcerer assassin. Just after this picture was taken, there was “a large flash of light” coupled with an “ear-splitting clap of thunder.” Dyskko collapsed on the ground, his hair and characteristic orange shirt smoldering.

Dyskko’s shows are cutting edge in the new art form he calls “virtual reality.” He uses arcane and divine magic to put the audience in the action. Dyskko’s performances have attracted a large and varied crowd in the past, and last night’s show was no different. Lines of fans stretched around the block as the doors opened. Last night’s performance included a favorite: “Cinder and the Sea Monster” which created a feeling of heat and nervousness amongst the audience. By request, “Hydra” made several feel weak enough to need to take off any heavy armor. Then “Zanathor and the Multi-Tentacled Beast of the Deep” had most of the audience reeling, retching, and grasping tables for balance. When the intermission started, a bludgeoning ice storm knocked several fans unconscious. As fans struggled to the exit, a battle ensued between several people.

Dyskko's Performance - Zanathor can be seen at far right.

Dyskko's Performance - Zanathor is out of the picture, but his right arm(missing hand) can be seen at edge.

Reports vary about the attack. Several witnesses state half-orc mercenaries were attacking citizens. Some people say that Dyskko provoked the attack with his violent imagery, or that the attack was staged as a publicity stunt. Rumors of bears, camels, and other large animals exist, as well as counts of anywhere between 4 and 15 assassins in the crowd. There are also conflicting reports about the role the Divas, Cauldron’s latest band of heroes, had to play in the incident.

It is unfortunate news for Magella Laughshield, the new owner of the Brass Trumpet. After Walgeon the Brass decided to close up shop, he sold the place to this enterprising young gnome. She tried to dress up the place with a fresh coat of paint, and candles on the tables. Looks like the Trumpet will be closed a few days for repairs.

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