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[meta] Enter the Age of Worms

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on June 29, 2011

We struggled with Oriental Adventures. It is a great setting and challenging, but the ebb and flow of life events and the unfamiliar mythology are what did us in, in my opinion. So, we are back to our roots: D&D 3.5 and back in an epic adventure — The Age of Worms. It is fun because this is the same universe as Shackled City but with new 1st level characters. Both for the fun of new personalities and some new faces at the gaming table, we rolled new characters.

We’ll get to know them better in the coming weeks. For now, Angel’s character is a gnome named Lily Folker — Fizznip to her friends. Next, Mawley is Taj’s new human fighter. Our former sorceress turns in her staff for a sword. My new character is Ariel, a half elf cleric. Yeah, going totally against type (not) with a cleric.

Next is Olivia’s new character Vakka — a half orc cleric who believes in transcendence through alcohol. Chica is new-comer Judy’s halfling ranger. She rides a chicken. Yeah, total win. Grrriel is Michelle’s half orc character. She and Vakka are cousins. Kurboom is a gnome sorceress, played by Adrienne and Zuffy is a half elf ranger played by Shalon.

Big group and one human. Huh. Bunch of rugrats. Well three little folk. And a chicken. And our own Sarah (Acgar, the half dragon) is taking the DM helm. We are honored to have using her time, energy and humor to make our gaming night each Wednesday.

Here’s our initial group portrait:


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[meta] Fun & Buttons

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on April 29, 2011

We’ve been playing D&D together for almost four years and it that amount of time, you develop inside jokes, themes and traditions. Many of our jokes come from our first campaign, the 2.5 year adventure of Shackled City, which took place in and around the city of Cauldron.

We still have those characters — now 15th level — and I hope we dust them off again at some point.

With all that history in mind, when Taj saw the great buttons at a booth at the Stumptown Comic Fest, she knew she had to get some made specially for us.

Please support these great artists — Sydney and Kevin. Sydney’s website is http://smore.ca/
and Kevin’s is http://titanzer.com


For those of you who haven’t kept up with the Divas’ game play, the picture of the staff is a running joke — during the Cauldron campaign we suggested using Taj’s character’s staff for every problem we had to solve. Can’t quite reach a button across a booby-trapped floor? Use Myntilly’s staff! Need to prop up a sagging shelf in camp? Use Myntilly’s staff!

The beholder is for Michelle, who is more often our DM than not. Potion is for me — the healer. The animal head is a dragon – but an acid spitting dragon, like Sarah’s Acgar.

The others are more general, but beloved Dungeons & Dragons themes….  Sometimes your d20 is on fire and sometimes, it’s drenched in blood. Your blood.



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