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[meta] Talky Drama

Posted in: Girl Gamer,Meta-gaming by Ariel on March 29, 2009

laughter1I don’t talk much about the fun we have around the gaming table. Which is weird, now that I think on it. I’m not a fan of “talky dramas” — you know, those movies where everyone is all angst-ridden and all they do is talk! I like comedies and action. So why don’t I relate the fun we have at the table?

Of course much of the laughter is in-the-moment goofs on what is happening in-game and the set up for the punchline would probably be too much for any reader. I’d have this paragraph-long intro to explain a two second bit.

This week’s session was filled with lots of laughter and yet it was kind of the equivalent of a talky drama. It was all role play. We did not need our minis at all! That seems to happen sometimes as we end or begin a new chapter. “Here’s what happened while you were off fighting bad guys…..”

I am a ham — I love role play. I think our group does a good job of getting into it, too. We’ve been playing together so long now that we easily talk to each other in character and react appropriately to dialog in character. We’ve had serious arguments in character. When you read about arguments in the gameplay, you can bet that we really role played it out.

You gotta wonder sometimes what the WarHammer guys must think of us.


After the talky drama we had at our last session, I thought I would reveal a little (long post!) of the thought and preparation that I do for a game session. My goal here is not

to be on the defensive. Rather, I hope that by seeing some of my thoughts, you can give feedback and improve the game. After all, we must remain true to our core mission: Have fun!

Putting it all Together
So let”s take the last encounter as an example. The Divas want to get into the Temple of Wee Jas and blow it up since their investigations have shown that Jasidian clerics are behind the assassination attempt, and because the new construction is blocking the rising solstice sun from shining on the Church of Pelor. The written scenario assumes the Divas will come to the Temple of Wee Jas, but also assumes: a) they are 12th level characters (they are 11th), b) they can break a DC 40 lock on the door (they have no rogue), and c) they have no intention of burning the place down.


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