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Rokugan: Here's How It Is

Posted in: Meta-gaming,Play by Dyskko on January 24, 2011

The year is 1158 in the Empire of Rokugan. After years of unity and prosperity, the seven clans of the empire are threatening to splinter again.

An oni is said to have killed

the Emperor and Empress

While traveling through Scorpion lands, Emperor Toturi I and his wife, the Empress, were slain in a combat against Shadowlands creatures. They died leaving four children, but no designated heir. Their four children — the “Four Winds” — have begun a struggle for the throne. The Clans of the Empire argue amongst themselves as they decide which to follow.

Meanwhile, across the Empire, tensions are strained between the Clans. Without an Emperor to settle disputes, these scuffles are escalating to wars.

In the north, the great Sleeping Thunder Mountain erupts sending Dragon refugees fleeing into Phoenix lands. The Dragon Clan has used this opportunity to seize the land it formerly held under the Agasha family – land that became Phoenix land when the Agasha family defected from Dragon to Phoenix. This threatens war between these two most peaceful clans of the Empire. Worse, because casino online of the recent treaty signed between the Phoenix and Lion Clans, now the Lion Clan may be drawn into war as well.

In the south, tension has always been high between the Crab and Crane Clans. The Crab master builders and seasoned fighters have always had misunderstandings with the Crane fine artists and talented poets. Now, the Daimyo of the Crab Clan”s Yasuki family has died and the heir is of the Crane Clan”s Yasuki family. Crane soldiers have been seen entering into Minor Clan territory and making forays to claim the land for the Crane.

In the center, the Scorpion Clan”s diplomats have suggested a way to balance all the forces and create stability. They have proposed a marriage between the Lion Clan”s Matsu family and the Crab Clan”s Kaiu family. Both of these families are well respected in their clans, but not the ruling family. This means it will create a strong alliance, but not an obligatory one. Thus, it will not force one clan to go to war if the other is attacked. However, no clan would risk attacking either the Lion or Crab Clans for fear of retaliation from the other. After the Great Clan Wars (1123-1126), much is known about the might of the combined force of Lion and Crab. After all, it was their alliance that ended those wars and brought peace to the land.

So it has been decided. A Scorpion Embassador, Nya, will travel with Lion Clan Mastu Tatsuo, younger brother to the betrothed. After first thaw, they will travel to Crab Clan lands bringing gifts of treaty. Then, they will escort Crab Clan Kaiu Kaede, betrothed princess to Lion lands. Kaiu Kaede will be joined in matrimony with Matsu Takeo in midsummer.

Thus begins the story of their travels.

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