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Lu Is a Puzzle and a Treasure

Posted in: Play by Ariel on November 5, 2010

I don’t talk about my crew mates much. We came together to do a job, er I guess a bunch of jobs and we get paid. I’d like to think that we is all, each of us an expert in our field, as they say on the vids. Roark knows his way around just about any gun. The Doc, well, she’s a wonder with the meds. That Mags, shit can she fly. Prudence is one of those born generals. You know — the kind that looks at the battle field and knows in her gut what to do. Miss V, of course, she’s a born leader. Just walks through life knowin that everyone is just waiting to hear her orders.

But that Lu. She’s a puzzle. She can sit and have tea with a group of cult members and not blink an eye. She can lift an engine block and cradle it like a baby. She doesn’t talk much about her people. I know she’s very religious and I love to hear her stories. I swear she’s got a few of them mixed up, though.

I never had much truck with Jesus before. My Ma tried to give us a good understanding of the popular religion, but since she wasn’t a believer herself, well it was a mite limited.

Lu is serious about her religion. She should be one of them Shepards. Fit right in, though some of her stories seem…. off.

She tells this story about how Jesus converted a bunch people with the miracle of the Dogs Playing Poker. She does have a picture of it in her bunk. So maybe it is true. I do love the picture.

She has one she picked up when we were last in the Core. She says it is a picture of Jesus in his last incarnation, some hundreds of years ago.

It is a nice picture and all and his eye seems to follow you around, but I don’t understand that necklace he’s wearing or why we see him about to eat something…. Religion is weird.

What I love about Lu is that she jumps in on any job with both hands and both feet. She lends a hand and her strong back to whatever project I got going on. Who knew that when we landed on that dust bowl of a planet with that chunk of comet, that we’d leave with such a treasure as our Lu?

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