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[Meta] Insert Photo Montage Here

Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on October 16, 2010

It has been a crazy few weeks for me and I am so far behind on Divas posts that we are going to have to resort to a tried ‘n true movie method to get ourselves out of this hole. Yep, photo montage. There have been some great props and some amazing gameplay and dang it! It needs to be immortalized in blog form. Except that some of those pictures are on a hard drive that needs some extra TLC, because my old laptop died on me. I will recover those pictures, but for now…..

Sarah used tarot cards to lay out a random town for us to explore. That was very fun.

That way we (gulp!) split the party and all did our own thing. Roark went to a strip club. Brigid, Maggie and Prudence went to the rendezvous at the casino. (Prudence went for the Faro game) And Swei and Lu went in search of pawn shops. You never know what kind of parts you’ll stumble on…. Which might have been what Roark was thinking, too.

While Lu and I were on the tram in town, this oddly dressed man approached us. His name was David? — the question mark is there to denote the odd upward inflection in his voice when he said his name. He represented a group of travelers who wanted to get to the planet Angel. They had money and well, what the hell do Swei and Lu know about sizing up people? So we told David? to meet us at D-VA first thing in the morning. His group was pretty odd, what with the robes and the hats. But they were quiet and their credits were real.

Brigid is always ready to throw a party for people and cult members are no exception. Everyone had to sit for tea and petit fours (which Swei loves, so she changed into clean clothes for the party).

The cult members passed out one of their newsletters. Swei’s had writing on it.

What floored Swei was that the words on the newsletter were her brother’s Spacebook user name. This is her brother who was wrongly imprisoned. The cult member who handed Swei the newsletter was named Steve! (note the inflection). And he was the shortest of the bunch, by far. Swei invited Steve! to tour the engine room.

Another member, Celeste. (you can tell she’s a serious one by the full stop after her name) came along, which annoyed Swei. She had wanted to have Steve! alone. She improvised a note to Steve! to meet her at midnight to talk.

When midnight came and no Steve!, Swei listened in to the bay where the cult members were bunked down. There was an unnatural sounding snore mixed in with the other sounds. Swei and Roark decided to check it out. What if the cult members were secretly arming themselves to take over the ship or something? But, what they discovered was nothing…. Everyone appeared to be sleeping soundly.

Next day, they arrived at Angel, where Brigid was to bid on a shipment of water that the casino owner wanted. He couldn’t make the auction himself, so Brigid was to bid in his stead. And if we lost the bid, we had a map of the house where the water would be so we could steal it.

Bidding was fierce at first. Five groups were bidding on three casks of water. Shoulda known something wasn’t right.

Things continued to be hot. Brigid’s bid is the gray block. The auctioneer allowed that people could also bid for lots using the promise of future jobs. So to extend our cash, Brigid offered over 700 credits in jobs.

When at last the gavel fell, the water was ours!

Swei, Maggie and Lu were at the ship. The cult members had taken off and the others went to the auction.

Once we had the water and a side job to perform as part of the auction bid, we were ready to take off for water delivery!

1 Comment

  1. Great update, Beth. I’ve started and stopped Brigid’s version of events several times.

    yes, the last few months have been insane.


    Comment by Dyskko — October 24, 2010 @ 11:05 am

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