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From Ice to Ice

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on June 18, 2010

After just a few days of loungin at the lake house on Osiris, I was all twitchy. I don’t hold with this relaxin life style. It’s just not right. I weren’t gonna say anything to no one about it. I didn’t want to be the possum in the soup, if you know what I mean.

But one day, I think it was day 4 of our 2 weeks of R&R, I woke to the sound of gun fire. Hot damn! I thought. We got us a situation! But it was just Roark taking potshots at the crows. I went out to cheer him on. Those damned crows were cawwing to beat the band. It was like a, like a gorram crow convention! When we came in about 20 minutes later there was talk of a comet.

“I know about comets!” I said. “Are we going to one? Going soon? I hate to say it, but I’m a mite bored.”
Maggie swiveled the screen my way. “There’s a job we could do. Fetchin ice from a comet and takin it to Regina. Gotta go soon though. What ya call time sensitive.” I slapped my thighs as I stood up. “I’ll get my gear.”

Roark rubbed his chin. “Seems fittin somehow.” Prudence looked at him. “How you figure?” He smiled. “Ice to ice, pretty lady! Get it? Ice — diamonds– to ice.”
“Maggie, how far is this Regeena?” The Doc walked in just then. “Oh, are you talking about Regina? Are we going there? It’s pronounced Ra-jai-na, Swei.”
“What? What? Like vagina? That’s just wrong. Who’d live there knowing that?”
“Regina is named after an Earth That Was city in the north. It means queen in Latin. You know Elizabeth Regina…?” The Doc looked at me expectantly.
I shook my head. “I ain’t smart like that, Doc.”

We were out of the lake house in less than an hour. I guess I wasn’t the only one going crazy with the quiet. I heard Miss V talking to the Doc. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy relaxing, Imago. For goodness sake! But think of the people of Regina. They need that ice or things will get grim. We can help our fellow men and shore up our accounts. I won’t deny that this little windfall from the wine delivery is nice, but I’m always putting by for a rainy day.”

With that Maggie at the wheel, we made great time out towards the comet. It’s the Angel Hair comet for the way the tail streams out. It looks lovely and still out the window. I was in the engine room gettin the old girl a cool drink a coolant and I heard Maggie on the comm. “We got company!”

Turns out that a little gal named Mary Celestia was in our little patch of the Black. Well, ain’t that interestin, I muttered. “You need juice, you just say the word there, Maggie.” Next thing I knew, we were zoomin and D-VA was chugging like a race horse smelling victory. I could feel the hull shift beneath my feet as Maggie performed some whatcha call aerobatics. I hit the comm. “Maggie, are you gonna keep this up much longer? I can do some things to ease off the heat build up in the lift mechs, but you got maybe 10 minutes of –” My voice was cut off by Prudence. “Score! Hoo-hoo! They hit an asteroid!” Sure enough out the window I saw the ship.  And the comet hove into view. Miss V’s voice rang through the ship: “We’re landing in a minute, crew. Let’s suit up.”

…..to be continued.

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