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Reaver Encounter

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on April 17, 2010

The Bumblebee was a bust. I had hopes that she’d be intact. They move like a snail and handle like an onery ass, but just full a good stuff and it woulda made Miss V proud if I’d been able to get her up and going. But the damned I-beam was just shot to hell. 3-C corrosion all up and down her seam. Shame, really.

Me and Roark hopped to the little Alliance cruiser. Those babies packed some serious explosives in their day. If we could find some bombs, well, I’d be like a goat with hay.

We found a hatch twisted and blackened. I heard Roark comm me. “Whew-wee! Glad we’re not the first ones knockin’ on this door! Keep yer wits about you.”

We moved slowly through the cruiser. Luckily I’ve spent some time on these little spitfires. Simple design, so we didn’t waste time fumbling through the ship.

We got to the munitions area and there were two crates with the right codes on ’em. Bombs!
“Roark! Over here. It’s some bombs. Woo-woo! Now this trip’s getting interestin’!”

We grav’ed the crates and hotfooted it out of there. Once back on D-VA, we regrouped.

Maggie was at the helm with that gorram bird of hers. I swear one of these days we’re all gonna do serious time for having that bird on board. “I haven’t heard from Todd in awhile. I’m thinking we should go over and pay a visit.”
“I agree.” I looked up from the bomb crates.
“You agree? You never agree with me. Maybe I’m wrong…”
“No Maggie, if’n we hadn’t heard a peep in so long, could be there’s a problem and I want to make sure nothin’ happens to all that beautiful fuel.”

Maggie nudged D-VA out and around the cruiser. We came up slow and steady on the far side of the refueler. As we rounded the wing….. holy hell and man the torpedoes! Reavers.

The ship was powered down and tethered to the refueler. Roark whistled and said “Nice ta know you, Todd.”
Prudence and Miss V both grabbed the console. “Get us out of here, Mags!” Prudence’s words came out like a moan. Maggie’s hand stayed steady on the thruster. “Can’t leave Todd. Not like this.”
Miss V did a double take. “If I gave you a direct order, would you follow it?” Maggie was silent for a moment. “Yes’em. I would. But hear me: we got the jump. It’s an itty bitty ship and we can take ’em. Please. lease let me have one try.”

Maggie brought D-VA in under the reaver ship and zoomed upwards. “Aw hell.” I scrambled to the engine room. She was running like a top, which was good considering the beating she was about to take. I kept the comm open so I could know if I needed to blow the engine and myself to smithereens. After a few minutes I heard Roark’s voice. “Swei. Cargo bay. Now.” When I got there he was setting down the bomb crates. “Will these explode in impact?”
“Oh lordy, we’re getting boarded.” I grabbed his arm. “I don’t want to die, Roark.” He shook me off. “We’re not getting boarded. Not yet. Not never, if I can help it. We’re gonna dump these bombs on top a the reavers. And they’ll explode, right? On impact? They’re space bombs, right?” I nodded and started helping him open the crates. As soon as we’d cleared the cargo bay, Maggie slammed it tight, hauled up on the brakes, flipped around and took a big old poop on top of the reaver ship. We were 400 meters away before the bombs even hit.

I wiped the sweat from my face. “I’m gonna buy that woman a whiskey.”

Me and Roark hopped to the little Alliance cruiser. Those babies packed some serious explosives in their day. If we could find some bombs, well, I’d be like a goat with hay

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