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Learning the new game system has been fun but challenging. I’d forgotten how chaotic our D&D sessions used to be with people flipping through books and earnestly discussing Dexterity versus Strength. I remember how great it was to have my character’s stats by heart and to pick up the right die without thinking about it. We’ll get there and we’re still having a blast.

I was shocked to discover, in going through some gameplay pictures that Legos can get red eye and that Adobe fixes red eye regardless of species. Very egalitarian of them. Here are a few meta photos for you….



Wingate in Chains

Posted in: Play,Serenity by Ariel on March 22, 2010

Prudence rushed by, anxious to meet up with her father. The connecting corridor was long and almost featureless. At the far end was a door. “Wait up! I got a little smoke grenade. We can make us some confusion.” Prudence gasped and pushed open the door. Roark called over his shoulder, “No can do. Friendlys.”
“What? Has the ship docked? Are we so far behind schedule?” Miss V pushed past me.

“But I got a smoke bomb. It’ll be great.” I sighed and put the grenade back in my pack. I kept the Chemplast and the detonator, just in case. As I squeezed behind Miss V, I could see the scene. I recognized Elias Wingate from the Coretex. He was hung upside down from chains. He had obviously been beaten.

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