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[meta] Legos, Props and Serenity

Posted in: Advice/Tools,Fluff,Meta-gaming,Serenity by Ariel on February 26, 2010

It was a great first night of gameplay. It’s always bumpy learning a new system. We were constantly flipping through our books, calling out “It’s on page 144! No, wait, 145.”

I discovered that I have way too many d20s and not enough Legos. Alas, the game budget is currently at zero from the purchase of my first Legos, so I was trolling the eBay listings for cheap Legos. I thought maybe a few Legos Star Wars sets would fit the bill.

My first set was part of the miner series, which seemed fitting. But I figure between Indiana Jones, Star Wars and the miners I should have plenty to choose from. And then sweet Sarah comes to the rescue with a huge box of Lego parts for me and a literal suitcase of Legos for Taj.

Not that Taj is any slouch in the props department. The Ace in the Hole was awesome! Filled with lots of little tables and kegs of spirits.

Her t-shirt, by the way, says Serenity Now Equality Now. Which, oddly enough, was carved into the bar at the Ace in the Hole.

It was way fun to use the Legos as minis. They stood up really well (for the most part). They fit well with Taj’s saloon props, as far as size goes. They make Lego guns, tools, cups, computers, hair brushes and handcuffs. Could it be more perfect?

And (spoiler) we’re heading to the big house and with Legos, we can all trade our regular bodies for orange jumpsuit Legos and ta-da! prison garb.

Here’s a close up of some of Michelle’s props for her character, the wealthy Brigid Von Schindler. Those are Blue Sun canned foods, Brigid’s databook and Cortex access, a rifle, hairbrush and four suitcases. This lady does not travel light!

Part of Brigid’s backstory is that her relations sold their prosperous frozen food company to Blue Sun for a tidy sum of credits. Now Brigid can afford to travel around feeding the hungry and helping the helpless. Yeah, total Paladin.

The story is fun, and the game mechanics seem good and I’m sure they’ll get easier every week. I swear we had our Player’s Handbooks handy for the first year we played Shackled City, so I can’t expect that we’ll learn this stuff overnight.

What really matters is I get to hang out with my friends on Wednesdays and play with toys.


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  1. Again, great night. I was impressed with what everyone brought to the table. These posts are really awesome, too! One thing though, can we get the subtitle “Divas in Space” up at the top. Shiny!

    Comment by Tad — February 27, 2010 @ 10:08 pm

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