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We met for our first night of playing the Serenity RPG. Angel is out of town on business, so we met at Michelle”s house, which is always fun.

Michelle has this big old house in the heart of SE Portland.

We love playing at Guardian Games, and yet, the change was nice. Beer and pizza, dog and cat…. It was a fun night. The doggy in Taj”s arms is Taffy, one of the rescue dogs that she fosters.

Taffy”s probably up for grabs if someone wants a cute, fluffy ball of fur.

Without Angel we didn”t want to dive into the story, which worked out well. We had a chance to round out our characters.

Here”s our cast so far:
Angel is our captain. She (or is it a he?) is mysterious. We await Angel to tell us more about our fearless leader.
Michelle is a wealthy socialite. Friends in high places and all that muckety muck. She has sunk a bit of change into the ship so her voice will carry some weight when it comes to where we go and what we do.

Traveling with socialite Brigid (Von Something or other) is her personal physician…. Played by Sarah. In the Core gaming system, characters have assets and complications. I love that. Gives players and GM (and bloggers) a lot to work with. Sarah”s physician has a few minor complications — one she”s very ugly and two, she is loyal to Brigid. Loyal, one assumes, to a fault.

Tad is playing a “Jayne” character. We needed some gorram muscle and he”s our E sufficiente a tal fine verificare la presenza del logo dell’aams sulle pagine del sito di giochi casino gratis . guy. We don”t know much about Roarke yet. It will be fun to see who he turns out to be.

When Taj turns over her GMing duties to the next person, she”ll take the helm as our pilot. I guess until then, the captain should fly us. I would hope s/he has the chops to fly this baby.

And I, your humble chronicler, am the mechanic. It”s fate. I loved Kaylee. It”s hard to pick which incredibly hot woman is your favorite on a show like Firefly. But, yeah hands down — Kaylee. My character is named Swei. Her full name is Shwie Swei, which means Handsome Water.

I pushed for the whole Legos as minis thing because I have never really played with Legos before. I put together my first Lego on Wednesday. Yeah, 44 years old and that was my first Lego. Michelle talked me through it and it was fun!

Minor complications for my character: she wears glasses and she”s a bit deaf from growing up in a mining family. Major asset: she”s awfully good with explosives.

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