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Legos For Girls

Posted in: Advice/Tools,Fluff,Girl Gamer,Serenity by Ariel on January 30, 2010

There are a lot of Legos out there. Angel owns one of each of them, I’m pretty sure. Michelle comes in close second and I shoulda known that Tad would fit in — he’s a total Lego geek, too. It’s a tie — three against three. But we’re talking geeks here and well, it’s Angel’s shop we play in, so that means that me and Taj and Sarah are outnumbered. When you face superior forces, the smart choice is assimilation.

So, what sort of Legos are out there for girl gamers like us? The easy answer is All the Legos! All the Legos are “suitable” for girls. Cue the maniacal laughter.

I realized I’d been looking at the whole Lego thing the wrong way round. The possibilities of Legos in game are endless. I hope we’ll have a chance to test this theory. We’re planning on trying out the Firefly RPG next. And I was thinking How are we gonna handle the minis? I mean with playing Shackled City, it was easy to get minis for the game. With a futuristic, Wild West, space opera, um, where are you going to get minis?

Duh: Legos! A quick look on Google shows me that even I could come up with some sweet props for a Firefly game. So, I guess we can put away the Castle Legos for a while as we explore the universe of Serenity.

Legos Star Wars sets would be the obvious Legos to use for some of the props. Oh, and of course, Indiana Jones! Lucky for this cheapskate there are tons of used cheap Legos out there. It is fun to contemplate a new world to explore. A new gaming engine to learn and new stories to tell. I can’t wait to build my mini!

Eye to Eye, part 2

Posted in: Play by Ariel on January 29, 2010

The beholder flew out of sight. There was a moment of silence.
Ian crouched by the door. “I’m going in.” Myntilly nodded. “Left or right?” Ian jerked his head left. “I’ll go right.”
Sadi smiled. “I’m going straight!” And she ran into the room and half way up the far wall. Myntilly ran right and jumped behind a table, pulling it over as a shield. Ian crouched by a half wall. Orbius’ eye stalks tried to take all the movement in.

I closed my eyes. “Pelor. Pelor shine your light upon us. It is our darkest hour.” Acgar hefted her bow. “Amen.”

As Sadi bounded up the wall, Orbius turned and looked at her, causing her magic boots to fail. She tumbled to the ground.

Ian yelled so that the beholder turned around. He seemed to consider the scene for a moment and then he flung slime at Ian.

“The slime has a paralyzing effect. Ian will be stunned for about a minute. Maybe longer.”

Myntilly, from the relative safety of her bunker, flung another sonic lance at Orbius. Slime flew off and more of it landed on Ian. “That is physics.” Acgar had a satisfied sound in her voice. I shook my head. “Slime. It’s just so — Sunbeam!” Acgar looked at me. “What?” I smiled. “Sunbeam. It kills slime on contact. Ha ha!” I closed my eyes, gathered my thoughts and flung my hand at the beholder. Rays of bright sunlight shot from my fingers.

Gobs of slime dropped from the beholder. I tried to hold my hand steady, burning one eye stalk and taking a good third of the slime off.

Ian was soon able to move again and he tossed a fire seed high into the air, hoping I think, that it would stick to some slimy places. The explosion rocked the beholder and he lost some altitude. Sadi had regained her feet and her magic boots, since the beholder’s main eye was suddenly pointing my way. She began to climb the wall again. With a lazy flick, Orbius spattered her with slime and she froze in place. Acgar aimed an arrow right for the center eye. She just missed and for her effort, Orbius put her to sleep. He turned and pointed an eye at Ian. Suddenly Ian was a stone statue. I felt the beholder’s eyes turn to me. I was overcome with fear. I am ashamed, but I dropped my axe and covered my face. I shook with sobs.

Brus, I found out later, nudged Acgar awake. And then he lumbered past and came over to me. I felt a warm, wet snout pressing against my covered face. My breathing slowed. Brus snorted and I laughed. That snort seemed to say “You have got to be kidding me. Big dwarf like you, afraid of a sack of eyes?” I patted his strong back and stood up. He’s almost as tall as me, but I could see over him. I saw arrows go from Acgar and Sadi. They hit home.

Myntilly zapped another spell at Orbius as he swooped down and Terrem climbed on his back. His eye stalks started aiming at the ceiling and bits of rock fell away. “He’s trying to blast his way out!”
“Nooooooo!” Myntilly stood up as the table in front of her shattered into tiny pieces.

I felt wind blow my beard and the wall cracked behind me. I raised my hand to attempt my sunbeams again when time suddenly slowed. I felt a force come up against me like the tide and it fell away and Brus turned to stone. Sadi was practically point blank and she shot arrow after arrow, hitting two more eye stalks.

One of Orbius’ far eyes turned to look at Sadi and timed slowed again. I knew somehow that it was a disintegrate spell. I saw it hit Sadi and glow green for a brief moment. She and Myntilly screamed at the same moment. I was torn as to who to run to first. I could reach Myntilly, so I started that way. Myntilly strode towards me and I had a moment to think “She seems fine. She doesn’t need my help.” Then she was directly below Orbius and she flicked her hand up and he exploded into a million little pieces.

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