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Posted in: Meta-gaming by Ariel on December 21, 2009

We”re having what my mom would call a “blessed” Christmas. When I was a kid, it meant We are a bit strapped for cash, so Santa is only bringing you one toy. For us, it means  We can actually pay off the mortgage if we scrimp and save for a few years.

But, we”re kids at heart so we had to have some presents. And um, since we”re kids at heart, that would mean GAMES! We bought one video and one traditional (sort of).

The video game is OMG — Fallout3. It is such a great game. It actually has similar mechanics to D&D. You level and with each level you get skill points to spend and what amounts to a feat — although they call it a perk. The story is very engaging. Post-apocalyptic, and if that is not your bag, move along…. But for me and Deb, wow; it is actually the best video game, well, since WoW.

The other game is really fun and I”m actually not surprised that I like it. A few Christmases ago Deb surprised me with a starter set for Magic the Gathering. We got hooked by the game. In fact, in some ways you could say that MTG was our gateway drug to D&D.

So when I unwrappedI was puzzled and then delighted. Yes, I am a 7 year old boy.

Bakugan is one of those insidious products — it”s a tv show! It”s a collectible! But it is also a fun card game. Nothing can beat MTG for long term playability (for my money, literally) but it”s a fun little game. If you want to litter your house with little plastic figurines (and who doesn”t?) check it out. If, that is, you can pull yourself away from Fallout3.

[meta] Holiday Spirit

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on December 8, 2009

We took some holiday photos last week. We’ll have those ready soon, but for now, a few candid shots…


The surprising thing to me (not) was that we were the only ones at Guardian Games wearing Santa hats!


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