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At Chez Vhalantru, Again

Posted in: Play by Ariel on December 8, 2009

We bickered the whole way to Lord Vhalantru’s house:
You wanted to get the collar.”
“No, I wanted to save the city. It’s not my fault that Molten Wing kicked our asses.”
Dungeons and Dragons miniatures“We’ve lost valuable time. We don’t even know where Oblivion is.”
“You can’t pin this one on me. Indira was the one who said ‘We know where the dragon is.’ La-la-la. Blah blah blah.”
“Don’t try to deny this one, cleric. This is your fault!”
“Um, no really, what did you say? I still can’t hear very well. What’s everyone saying?”

By the time we got the house, we’d gotten it all out of our systems. “How do we figure out where to go?” I looked up at the house. “It’s a big place.”
“Terrem’s the key. If we find him….”
Acgar nodded. “I agree with Myntilly. If we find the child, we can find the way to Oblivion.”

We entered the house without trouble. Standing on the foyer, it was obvious that we had no idea what to do next. Suddenly Myntilly gave a little cry of surprise. “I know! I know what to do! Clairaudio! It’s like clairvoyance, but you hear instead of see. I know Terrem so I can tune into to him and listen.”
We all got even quieter. Somewhere in the distance we heard deep harsh laughter. “Orcs.” Sadi patted her sword. “No problem.”
The laughter came again and I saw Myntilly’s eyes get wide. “Orcs. Orcs are laughing at Terrem.”
“But that means the orcs are….” She waved her hands at Ian to make him quiet.
“He wants to go to Oblivion and they’re laughing……  This way.” She hurried down a side hallway. The laughter got louder and we could hear another voice.

D&D Legos Ian and I each grabbed a door handle. “1. 2. 3!” We pulled open the doors. I heard Sadi’s arrows. “Thump. Thump. Thump.” An orc called out and we were in battle. I stepped from behind the door and cast hold person on Terrem. I wanted him safe and with me during the battle.

He was dressed in a child-sized suit of armor. It was obvious that the orcs had been teasing him and blocking him from going anywhere. I heard Terrem say “But I have this ring. Mr. Orbius gave me this ring. I’ll be fine!”
The one closest to Terrem was still paying attention to him and not to the threat around him. The laughter died as he looked beyond the child and saw us.

My hold person should have kept Terrem immobile. So when he started yelling and waving his arms around, I cursed under my breath. How did he shake off my spell? Everyone around me was concentrating on the three orcs in the room. And I couldn’t tackle one small child? Hmmm, tackle. I could tackle him. Why not? We dwarves have a low center of gravity. We can grapple really well. As I charged towards Terrem, I realized that there was a black hole just a few feet past Terrem. I prayed that I wouldn’t fall in accidentally.

Sadi, Ian and Myntilly made light work of two of the three orcs. Brus pushed one of them into the hole. It seemed a long time before we heard him land.
“So. There goes the element of surprise.” Acgar commented.
Ian looked down the hole. “What do you think is down there?”
“It’s the way to ‘Blivion! I know all about it.” Terrem puffed out his chest. “And I can go there anytime I want. And you’re NOT invited.” He stuck his tongue out at me.
Myntilly knelt beside him and flashed her winning smile. “That’s a long way down for a little boy….  Are you sure you’re allowed?”
“I got this ring and I’ll be fine.”
“Ooooo! Is that a feather fall ring? Someone must love you a whole lot.”

I whispered to Acgar. “What’s she talking about?”
Feather fall. It keeps you from falling too fast.”
“Will it hold me and him up?
“Probably. I’m assuming that Orbius made it for the child, but at his level of magic, hmmmm, it would probably carry your weight too.”
“Great. See you on the other side.” And before I could have second thoughts, I grabbed Terrem in a bear hug and fell backwards into the hole.



  1. Beth, the dialogue in this is really great. Good work.

    Comment by Dyskko — December 11, 2009 @ 11:02 am

  2. Awww, thanks. I hope that people who aren’t at the game can hear which person is saying what. We’ve all got such distinct personalities and that makes the dialog fun. I need to get cracking on what happened next!

    Comment by Indira — December 12, 2009 @ 9:43 am

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