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Our Date With a Dragon, part 2

Posted in: Play by Ariel on December 3, 2009

dragon miniature 1

Molten Wing snorted. “Your wit will not save you.” And he shot a line of fire so that it went between me and Myntilly. She sidestepped it easily. I took some of the flame damage as I tried to move out of the way. I heard Albion give a war cry and lunge at the dragon. The dragon spread his wings and flew over to the other side of the cavern. I saw a couple of arrows fly towards his head. Good old Sadi, at the ready! They missed his eyes, unfortunately.

“We can’t fight him! Let’s retreat.” I yelled in Myntilly’s ear. She nodded and I took a few steps back. I hadn’t gotten used to these short little legs. It took forever to get anywhere.

I didn’t want to turn my back on the dragon so I stepped backward slowly. Instead of moving, Myntilly summoned an orb of acid and flung it at the dragon. He roared in pain and took wing again. I paused in my retreat. “Myntilly!” I whispered. She couldn’t or wouldn’t hear me. I took a step forward. “Myntilly!” This time I yelled. “Let’s go!” She turned around, flashed a smile, revealing those cute dimples, and ran. As she passed me, she said “Try to keep up!”

“Wha? But….” At that moment a huge tree appeared beside me. I blinked. The tree let out a roar and reached its leafy fingers towards the dragon. I was frozen in place. This was the oddest thing I’d seen since I looked in the mirror and saw a dwarf staring back. The dragon quickly engaged with the tree and at first, the tree seemed to be winning. As each second passed, his fingers wrapped more tightly around the dragon.

Suddenly Hamouk was beside me. He landed deftly and I realized that he was going to fly me to safety — if I was smart enough to climb on his back. minis 2

I clambered on and he took off. It wasn’t far to the cave entrance, but almost as soon as we left the ground I heard a sharp crackling. I turned and the tree was in flames. Molten Wing beat his wings a few time to disengage from the tree branches and took to the air.

I just knew that any second we were going to be bathed in flames. I hunkered low over Hamouk’s back and prayed.

As we neared the doorway, it seemed like the dragon screamed into my ear: “GET OUT!” I felt buffeted by wind and a little trickle of liquid came out of my ear. I clapped my hand to the side of my face and when I looked at my fingers I saw a pinkish liquid. Before I could think, we flew through a wall of water. Myntilly had cast geyser to protect us from a flame attack by Molten Wing.

We landed and I looked at my friends. Everyone’s mouth was moving and I couldn’t hear a thing. But I was alive. I dropped to my knees in thanks.


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