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Down the Tunnel of Doom

Posted in: Play by Ariel on December 29, 2009

tunnel on the play matAs we started to fall I thought to myself, Are you nuts? What if you die?

I was pulled from that cheery thought by Terrem. He was giggling and struggling to leave my grip.
“This is fun.” I whispered in his ear as I held him tighter. The ring was working; we were moving fairly slowly. Slow enough that Myntilly was able to catch up with us by flying. I looked over my shoulder and saw Sadi and Ian walking down the walls of the tunnel. Boots of Spider Climb — I should get some of those, I thought.


Merry Christmas from The Divas

Posted in: Fluff,Meta-gaming by Ariel on December 23, 2009

Happy Holidays to all of our D&D friends!

Here’s hoping your Christmas is wonderful and your New Year bright.

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