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Posted in: Play by Ariel on November 22, 2009

minis image 1Buzz slipped into the room. “Everybody wants to see you.”
“By ‘everybody’ you mean….?”
“Um, the goblins. They insist on seeing the shining one.”

“Aw crap.” Ian threw up his hands. “What do we do?”
“It’s OK. Let me think for a second…..” I paced the room. “OK. Got it!” I said a small prayer to Pelor and walked out to see the goblins.

“Hi guys. It’s me, Indira. The shining one.” Silence. “I know I look like a dwarf right now. But it’s OK. Pelor has a plan for me. Just like he has a plan for you.”

indira linguab buzz image 2“As Lingaub can attest, I was dead. Yeah, dead. A beholder killed me. But Buzz saved a little piece of me and my friend Ian was able to perform reincarnation on me. And now look at me. This body (I flexed my arms) is strong. This body (I thumped my chest) is sound. This body is a righteous vessel for Pelor’s work!”
Without thinking about it I gave a Dwarven warcry. “<Thrund. Throng. Trogg!>” (which loosely translates into “Axes. Armies. Ale.”)

Later, as we were packing up to do back down below, Buzz came in. “Your talk really did the trick. They are on fire to do Pelor’s work. Although I think most of them are worried that when they die Pelor will bring them back as gnomes or something!”

A few minutes later Ian was at my elbow. “That was a rousing speech. Well done. Um, but, your Dwarvish is …. unconventional. You are not rolling your Rs properly. And there’s a click that you should do with your tongue on hard Gs….” He paused to see how I was taking this. I smiled encouragingly. “Um, OK and a <thrund> is a crossbow. Not an axe. You should have said <az> that’s the word for war axe.”

“Ian! Leave her alone. She’ll figure it out!” Sadi called from across the room.
“I think we should get in the habit of calling Indira ‘He’. We might be able to use the dwarf body as a spy.”
I turned to Acgar. “You’ve been thinking about this? Interesting idea, but didn’t I just blow it by talking with the goblins?”
“Not necessarily. They are, after all goblins. They’re not known for their acumen.”

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