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Meet Indira Burningwood, Dwarven Cleric

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Ariel on November 13, 2009

I remembered the beholder. Remembered the sunbeam spell and a moment of pure joy as the eye stalks shriveled from the damage. And then nothing. Until now.

It was, it was not a bad awakening. I smelled lavender and heard my name as if from a distance. “Yah! What?” I tried to sit up and Ian was beside me. “Just breathe. Breathe. Mmmmmm. And release. Haaaaaaa. Relax, Indira. You’re safe.”

“Um, Indira. Hi. How are you?” Buzz’s face came into view. “It’s great. I mean, it’s great to see you.” His eyes filled with tears but there was something else, a sadness.

“I remember. You healed me…..” My voice was strange. “What’s wrong with me? My voice! What’s wrong with me?” I reached up to grab Buzz’s arm and saw a squat hairy hand come into view. It had my ring on one of its stubby fingers.

Dungeons and Dragons miniatures image 1When I woke up again, I was alone. Someone had put a mirror beside the bed. Probably Mintilly. She’s tactful.

The first time you see your face, you should be alone. What the mirror showed was unexpected. I saw a dwarf in the mirror. A dwarf with a nice thick black beard. Beard? Did dwarf women usually have beards? Had Durilin shaved every morning and I just didn’t notice?

And then I realized something else. I was male. A peek under the covers to make sure….. Yep, no doubt about that.

I dropped the mirror on my chest. And started laughing. I laughed until tears ran down my face.


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