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At the Temple of Pelor

Posted in: Play,Weekly Update by Buzz on November 13, 2009

I didn’t think I was going to be able to sneak away from the group. The dwarf guy, Albion, kept talking to me. All about how being a “Marked One” doesn’t mean he’s evil. How it’s not his fault. How he’s a good guy and on and on.

LegoI had the kid on one side of me and the dwarf on the other. The kid was talking nonstop. “I climbed that tree.” “I’m tired.” “Can I have ice cream?”

The new mage was walking right behind me and making me feel nervous all over.

Every tine I said something to her she’d just laugh in this throaty way…. It was weird.

I’m not a reformed rogue for nothing, though. I slipped away as we approached Vhalantru’s house. We were pretty close to the Pelorian temple anyway. I stayed in the shadows, conscious of my precious cargo — Indira’s finger and the 10,000 gp that I’d need for the resurrection spell.

dungeons and dragons miniaturesLike all churches in Cauldron, the temple was awash with refugees. The first people I recognized were a couple of the goblins we’d taken in. “Hey Graddtz! Remember me? It’s Buzz.” He looked at me for a moment and then broke into a smile. “Where is the shining one? She is not with you? She should be with us now.”

“Yeah, about Indira….” The grief flooded into me in a fresh wave. Other goblins joined us, eager to hear about Indira. I looked at their mostly clean faces. They were trying to be good and helpful and it was because Indira had come into their lives. Just like she’d done in my life.

“Where’s Kristoff, guys? I need to report in.”
I found him deep in the temple. He was directing several clerics who were creating water. I knew from Indira that their last meeting had ended badly.

Without stopping to think, I knelt at his feet . “Bless me, Father. For I have sinned.”
“Buzz?!? Where’s Indira? Where have you been? Sins? You want to confess? I’m not surprised.”
I ignored his comments. “Indira’s dead. She died trying to save Cauldron and I want you, I pray that you will resurrect her. ”
He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the other clerics. “Trying to save Cauldron? Right. From Hollow Sky? From Sasserine? Where have you been?! The city is burning, Buzz. The people, the people need us and I was blind before. Stupid, stupid, stupid! The fight with the Jasidians. I understand it all now. I didn’t then. But I do now.” His voice changed: “Where is Indira?”

“Under the city there is an unholy sanctuary.” I grabbed his hands to get his attention. “The Fiery Sanctum is real. I have been there; we fought evil there and I need Indira back to finish the job.”
He laughed. “You fought evil? Indira fought evil? Really? Indira is evil. She filled my mind with hatred. She burned the temple. She killed Ike. She left her goblin spies here. If she’s really dead, if this isn’t one of her games, then she got what she deserved. Pelor have mercy on her soul.” He spat on the ground and walked away.


  1. lol

    All marked things are evil.

    Comment by Emperor — November 14, 2009 @ 6:59 am

  2. I know! But people are funny. And dwarves especially — aren’t they pretty lawful good by nature? So this has got to be hard on Albion. Denial isn’t pretty.

    Comment by Indira — November 14, 2009 @ 9:14 am

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